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Client Referral Scheme Conditions

Client Referral Scheme

Terms and Conditions

Camden Valley Animal Hospitals values our clients and offers a reward to clients who refer their friends to us. The scheme is outlined on the back of our business cards and full details are contained below.


The Terms and Conditions:

Current client

refers to a current client of this hospital - anyone who has purchased goods or services from us in the last three years, and whose name and address is recorded on our files.

New Client

refers to a person who is not a client of this hospital, and does not live at the same address as another person who is an current client of this hospital.


refers to the 50% discount offered off the standard consultation fee for a new client, when they are referred by an current client, fill out the online registration form or mention the promotional flyer upon arrival. This DOES NOT include: Behaviour consultations, after-hours consultations, Saturday afternoon contultations and Sunday consultations.


refers to the $10 bonus offered to the current client when they refer a new client to us.


The 50% discount applies only to new clients.

The discount applies only to the first routine consultation fee for one pet owned by a new client. No further discount will be given on other services performed, or medications sold, as a part of that consultation. Nor does it apply for any subsequent animals who are visiting for the first time.

For example if the first visit is for vaccination, then the discount will be applied to the vaccination consultation fee, but not to the cost of the vaccine itself.

When dealing consultations other than routine consultations no discount applies. Or if the new client’s first visit is for the purchase of medication alone, or for a service for which no consultation fee is charged (such as nail chipping, microchipping or desexing) then no discount will be given, and no current client bonus will be awarded either.

However, it is possible for the new client to save the discount card until their first routine consultation, at which time the discount and bonus will be given. To assure this discount is awarded, staff members should make a note on the new client’s file, stating that a discount is to be given off their first consultation. The new client must re-present the card at the time of the consultation.

The discount will only be given if the new client can clearly identify the current client who referred them even if the new client does not have a business card.

Only one discount card may be used by a new client. The discount offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offer (eg.Age pension discount or discounted dental examination) for the same animal. The greater of the 2 discounts should be given. That is, Aged pensioners can get the 50% discount off the consultation fee, and a 10% discount off everything else.

No discount will be given, and no bonus will be awarded, if all money owed by the new client is not paid in full at the time of consultation, or on discharge of the patient from hospital.

A bonus will be awarded to a current client only if that person is clearly (and uniquely) identified by the new client (either on a business card or by some other means). The bonus will be awarded only when the new client brings an animal in for consultation, subject to the same conditions outlined in point (3) above

The bonus is a flat $10 bonus which will be recorded on our computer system, and can be deducted automatically from the current client’s next bill(s). The bonus can then be used for the purchase of virtually any goods or services at this hospital. However, it cannot be redeemed for cash, and all conditions applying to the use of reward dollars under the PetCare Scheme Terms and Conditions (points 11-16) also apply to bonus dollars issued under the Client Referral scheme.

Additional bonus dollars can be accumulated by a client referring more than one new client. There is no restriction on the number of bonus dollars that can be accumulated, nor on how many can be spent at one time. If the bonus exceeds the value of the client’s next purchase, then any residual can be retained towards subsequent purchases.

We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.