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Education Programs

We are passionate about animal behaviour and we are striving to improve the lives of pets and their owners, because we know it is the relationship we have with our pets that is everything when it comes to loving them. When this relationship is damaged our pets suffer, as do we.

Our comprehensive Veterinary Behavioural Services start with Pet Selection Consultations to ensure you get the best pet possible for you, your home and your lifestyle.

The services continue for puppies with Puppy Socialisation and Habituation Classes (sometimes called Puppy Preschool Classes®) that naturally lead into Puppy Transition Classes and ultimately Puppy Schooling and Dog Training.

Puppy Transition classes are a must for all dogs. They cover Puppy Parenting including basic Dog Behaviour and Learning theory as it applies to dogs and they go on to show you how to get your dog to pay attention to "You", walk on a loose lead, Come on cue and most importantly how to get your dog to Relax.

The services for kittens include Kitten Parenting Classes and Kitten Kindy® to ensure our feline patients are serviced as well. These classes include basic Cat behaviour, learning theory as it applies to cats and how to toilet train your cat, and how to get your cat to only scratch the scratching post. These are essential for all kitten owners.

Two of our staff are progressing through formal education to become Canine Good Citizen Accredited Trainers (CGC Cert IV) provided by the Delta Society and are currently running some of our Pet Education Classes in conjunction with Dr. Andrew O'Shea.

We also work closely with fully qualified trainers with certificate IV level education by Delta Society. This is a not for profit organization that aims to help people with dogs. They are fully accredited "Canine Good Citizen Instrutors" and are the best equiped trainers to help people train their pets. They are also educated in implementing "behaviour modification" programs and Desensitization and Counter conditioning programs.


We also work with other Delta Society trainers in other areas including Elderslie and Narellan Vale.

Our full Behaviour Consultations then provide the best help for those pets that require extra help. These pets often have for want of a better discription psychological abnormalities and can suffer dreadfully both psychologically and physically.

If you have any questions regarding your pet's behaviour, please contact us to make an appointment with Dr Andrew O'Shea or our Delta Trainers Leah and Matilda on (02) 4647 6199.