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Puppy Pre School®

What is Puppy Preschool?

Unlike traditional training classes, Puppy Preschools are specifically designed for puppies 8 - 16 weeks of age. This is a very important developmental period for puppies. it is a time when puppies are vey accepting of new situations & experiences; 'bouncing back' if they see something new or a little frightening. this makes it the perfect time for introducing your puppy to the big, wide, world that it is going to live in - a world of funny sights, funny sounds and funny smells. It is also a good time for learning about other dogs - that they come in all shapes and sizes.

What happens if they don't attend Puppy Preschool?

If your puppy does not attend puppy preschool, they miss this genetic 'window of opportunity' and this can lead to a life time of fear and anxiety which can often turn into agression towards other animal and humans.

What happens after Puppy Preschool?

It is important to continue exposing your puppy to as many different experiences as possible once they have graduated from Puppy Preschool, but they must be exposed to these situations in a safe environment where they can be kept calm and learn. We encourage puppies and their owners to enrol in further training classes run by Delta-Qualified trainers.

Is my puppy too young?

Puppy Preschools have been specially designed to cater for puppies from as young as 6 weeks. We have strict vaccine protocols which minimise any risks posed to puppies. The sooner that they are enrolled the more benefit they will get from Puppy Preschool!

Puppy Preschool run by a Veterinary Clinic ensures that the puppies can socialise and learn in a clean, safe and supervised environment.

What makes a good Puppy Preschool?

There are many Puppy Preschools available and the options can sometimes be confusing. Many Preschools can cause more harm than good to young puppies and their mental development, so it is important to be selective when choosing a Preschool and not just enrolling in the first one you see.

A good Puppy Preschool will be run by a delta qualified instructor with education and experience in early canine behaviour. It is dangerous to let all puppies play together in the one room, as they have different personalities and can be at varying developmental stages. A good instructor will supervise controlled play between 2 - 3 puppies at a time, keeping an eye on their behavaviour and interactions. Providing positive early experiences, recognising problem temperatments and giving timely advice.

What happens in Puppy Preschool?

These classes are aimed at ensuring you:

  • Develop an understanding of normal puppy behaviour.
  • Learn how to read your puppy's body language and respond appropriately.
  • Develop effective techniques for positive behavioural development.
  • Learn important tips about how to handle all the common puppy problems like how to walk in public, what to chew on etc
  • Understand the need for socialising your puppy.
  • Understand important boundaries when playing together.
  • Develop strong bonds between you and your puppy

But more importantly it is aimed at habituating him/her to all those potentially scary situations they will experience during their life including

  • Sudden loud noises
  • Other puppies
  • Children
  • Veterinary hospitals
  • Different looking people
  • etc

It also teachs your puppy how to play properly with other people and puppies and  how to settle down in exciting situations.






Puppy Pre School® sets you up to get the many benefits to teaching your puppy to be well behaved at an early age. Young puppies are quite able to learn basic skills, appropriate toileting behaviour and social boundaries. All of these things help make your relationship with your dog more rewarding for the years to come.

We strive for the Puppy Socialization Classes to be completed prior to the end of your puppies first critical socialization period. This closes at 14 weeks of age and it is critical your puppy has attended their Puppy Preschool®Classes prior to that age.

We believe we run the one of the best Puppy Pre Schools® because of the skills, experience, education of our staff and staff to puppy ratio, plus we make training FUN! So email us on camdenvalleypps@gmail.com or give the hospital a ring now on 46476199 to talk to our puppy preschool co-ordinator and book your puppy into this essential class.


Our Puppy Pre School® naturally leads into the Transition Classes and full Education programs that we run in conjunction with our Delta Society Trainers. It should be stressed at this point once you have completed the early socialization and habituation programs it is essential for you to continue this for all your puppy's life to ensure you have the best behaved dog possible.